Time has gone into MELTDOWN .. 'tap, tap has replaced 'tick, tock' as technology overwhelms us ... can the TIME BANDIT re-chime TIME? $15 plus postage continue reading

While we are all Aussies, there are some basic differences in our perceptions of things ... often the same things have different meanings  on either side of the 'Great Divide'. Boof the Bloodhound has sniffed around some of these different perceptions and brought them to life in full colour illustrations. He thinks kids need to... Continue Reading →

‘Recycle Michael and the Burpulator’ is where RCM saves the world by recycling the toxic trash layer through a reverse-recycle cow stomach system … the Burpulator. Recycle Michael then moves his talents towards saving the Great Barrier Reef by recycling Crown of Thorns Starfish through the Dugongulator and have them filter out as new coral... Continue Reading →

So how do things become extinct? Asks Tarkine as he takes two children through the wonder-world of nature’s eco and bio-diversity systems in book one. In his illustrated drawings, David has Tarkine explain how some things have become out of balance and what we, as humans, can do, to correct this. Tarkine’s story(which is the... Continue Reading →

Here is the alternative history of Australia for kids and adults. The plot follows the arrival of the First Flock with its cargo of landed gentry peacocks, trooper pelicans and convict quails. With true Aussie spirit the under-birds rise up and follow our hero Bold Ned Hood and his mates Big Mac and Fryer Tucker... Continue Reading →

This collection of small, full colour illustrated books that sum up life in a nutshell! They provide a ‘tongue in cheek’ history with cynical comment to have your sides splitting. According to David It all started to go wrong with the discovery of shopping and from there on we drowned in: technology, plastic, pollution, red-tape,... Continue Reading →

This is the rough and tumble story of David’s ten years in the Top End; Australia’s remote Cape York and Torres Strait in the 1970’s-1980’s. His job was to implement programs to keep our exotic diseases of animals like Foot and Mouth Disease and Rabies and his boss told him to ‘walk the beaches’ of... Continue Reading →

The Turning Circle is the thrilling follow up to Devil in my Kidneys and tracks ex commando Shaun Springfield’s desperate attempt to solve the riddle of a secret uranium mine in Australia’s remote Cape York. A deadly terrorist enemy surprizing becomes an ally in a final fight against fundamentalism in the Middle East. The plot... Continue Reading →

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