Tarkine the Tassie Tiger – light your fire, don’t expire!

So how do things become extinct? Asks Tarkine as he takes two children through the wonder-world of nature’s eco and bio-diversity systems in book one. In his illustrated drawings, David has Tarkine explain how some things have become out of balance and what we, as humans, can do, to correct this.

Tarkine’s story(which is the name of the wilderness area where the last tigers were seen in the wild) rhymes to the rhythm life, and we all should appreciate that, says David.

Younger children will be drawn to the pictures and story rhymes he says and older children will follow how complex things are made simple through the combination of drawings and scientific facts from the World Wildlife Fund(WWF).

Ideally, David says the books can allow adults to read to or with their children, and then discuss the important issues. Schools, particularly could benefit.


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