David Daniel has made the “sea change” from government Animal Health, Husbandry and Extension work to author and cruising sailor.

His positive attitude of “if you never ever go, then you’ll never ever know” and the success of his first book, “Old Salty’s Misadventures in Paradise”, have placed him permanently in the arts community.

He claims having been born severely mechanically challenged, with misplaced memory banks, which means things don’t often work out the way they should. Adventures become misadventures. These he captures in his words and cartoons to give every reader a laugh.

David Daniel demonstrates a depth of incisive perception in this work, giving it the potential to be an informative source for those who plan to have similar adventures.

David has branched out into new genres with thrillers: Devil in my Kidneys and The Turning Circle to follow his non-fiction books. He has also followed his passion for humorous, cynical comment and having a ‘crack at the system’ with a series of small, beautifully illustrated books that sum up the issues of life and an alternative history. His versatility with his 6 ‘Comments on Life’ books and 10 ‘Kookaburra Tales’ books in a presentation folder will leave you laughing and wanting to change ‘the system’ like David.

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